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Final Expense Coverage

final expenses and medigap insurance coverage

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience. Decisions need to be made regarding funeral plans. Final expense insurance covers the funeral costs of the departed, which saves family members from the stress of a large expense. There is no medical exam required for final expense insurance. Most applicants are qualified after answering a basic health questionnaire. The face value of a final expense policy is much smaller than traditional life insurance policies, which results in a lower premium. Feel Secure knowing money will be there for your funeral costs!

Benefits of final expense insurance:

Final expense insurance can help your family when they need it most. Here are a few benefits to purchasing a final expense insurance policy:

  • Covers Traditional Burial or Cremation Costs
  • Monthly Payments are Fixed for Life
  • Coverage CANNOT Decrease
  • Policy WILL NOT Expire at Any Age
  • Your Policy Builds Cash Value
  • No Waiting Period Coverage Options